Best Dog Ever

So, because of all the talk of these August meteorite showers, I got the romantic idea into my head that I would wake Bean in the middle of the night to watch shooting stars in this mother-daughter bonding moment. I shook her gently, "my love! Let's go watch shooting stars!" She stretched out and curled her toes into her dog's fur and mumbled, "mommy, I'm sick." And her dog licked her toes and they went back to sleep. I went out to the hot tub and saw four clear and bright shooting stars. 


Some Stuff. (with pictures)

This is 8 ounces of Navajo Churro singles waiting to be dyed different colors then ply'd with the other 16oz I still have to spin. Yay. 

This gorgeous thing came home with me recently. Yay. This is a Cowichan (Indian Head) Spinner on an old Singer sewing machine base. It spins suuuuper chunky yarn and since the bobbin is the most jumbo thing I've ever seen, I think this will make a phenomenal plying wheel. 

I use it as a table for my loom... and coffe and knitting and......

Farmer's market and Eat Mendocino (if you're into food sustainability you should totally google Eat Mendocino) LOVE!!! 

We've done tons of exploring this summer. Many car trips and many many walks. No matter the weather, these guys are pretty much almost game for whatever their crazy momma dreams up. 

Like hitting the Sand Dunes on the coldest, most overcast day in July. They had a blast and I knit. It was a win win. 

Awesome. 'Nuff said. 

A homesteaders old canning room. Creeeepyyyy

My latest knitting project, my beloved Cowichan, and Great Mustaches. 

To be continued.