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Friday, October 29, 2010

Fluff Friday 103

Fluff Friday
1-FuzziBunz One-Size Cloth Diaper in Choco Truffle
1-FuzziBunz One-Size Cloth Diaper in Kumquat

Question of the week:
Do you ever coordinate the cloth diaper baby is wearing to a specific outfit so it matches? (If yes please state an example of what you have done in the past or what you plan to do in the future.) Leave your comment before Thursday, Nov.4th at 7pm EST. (You can only answer the "Question of the Week" ONCE PER GIVEAWAY, NOT PER DAY.)

Go to http://www.theclothdiaperwhisperer.com/ for your chance to answer the question and win. There are so many other ways to enter too! Go check it out. And if you don't have kids or use cloth, you can always win and send them to me, lol!

Ha! A Happy Post!

So after a few days of really horrible, emotional, tense interactions with KaBean, today we had a good day. It wasn't like amazing or anything but we got along really well. The Man Child and I had a really nice long nap while Bean was at 'skew' and he had another great bath time afterwards. Picking K Bean up was a little tricky, she didn't want to leave. It took us a good 20 minutes to get out of there but once we did she was all right. We got home and made dinner and played and it was great! She woke up in the best mood this morning. All kisses and love. yay.
I was able to stay away from my computer for most of the day, there were a few slips but for the most part I was able to keep my full attention on my kids today. yay.
Better luck tomorrow.


More Worries and Struggles...

Ugh... Another struggle, this time at bedtime rather than in the middle of the night, so I guess that is a plus right? I don't know what set her off. She seamed fine and at some point she started screaming. I swear, sometimes I think if I hear her to scream "I don't want you, I want my Daddy!!!" one more time I'm just going to leave! Well, I'm not really... but sometimes I'd like to. It seams to be getting better. I tried to calm Man Child who started crying as soon as Bean started freaking out. So as Man Child started to calm down I sat down and just listened to her, I tried to let her know that even if she didn't want it I was there for her, I'd always listen to her when she had something to tell me.I don't want her to think I don't value her emotions, I do... I just- I just can't stand listening to her cry, it makes me sooo sad.

But we did have kind of a great day, I tried to stay off the computer today... it didn't work as well as I wanted but I was off more than I usually am.
Some things I am worried about.
1) the internet takes my attention away from my kids. I am going to try, from now on, to keep the lap top away from me during the day. Give my babies the attention they deserve.
2) I have been eating sweets, desserts, chips, snacks, everything compulsively. I can't stop. Once the kids go to bed I break out the treats and chow!. uhg... I feel so gross.

Busy, Busy and a Huge Fight

So, the last few days have been intense. We had a few good days, I started running the Nutcracker rehearsals for the Mendocino Ballet. That was fine, I don't know how I feel about working with little kids. I mean, last week was alright but pretty soon I have to tell them that they aren't all good enough to do certain parts. How do you say that to some little kid who wants to be the next great ballerina without taking class. I mean god really, you think you're kid should be in the Nutcracker but you (or they) don't want to go to class every week? Really? really. You think this is gonna work out? Great. And I have to try to make a presentable dance out of girls who don't go to class. Sweet.
Any way, I made some delish vegan/gluten free chocolate cupcakes that were soooo great! The frosting was A-MAZE-ING! And instead of sweetening the cupcakes with sugar the recipe called for using maple syrup! Sooo yummy!
Gave Zen a bath, that is always fun! I love bath days for him, he looks so happy when I put him in the water. He likes when I pour the water over his buda belly. The big goofy grin he gets is sooo cute.

Then tonight, at 1 o'clock in the morning, when I was trying to sneak a diaper on Kaya, she woke up and had a huge melt down. I mean huge! She started freaking out, kicking, screaming, punching, hair pulling. I thought she was going to break her legs in the crib slats. (It is a 3 sided bed now, but still has crib sides) It was so bad. I started crying in frustration, and pain, that girl kicks soooo hard! I was so upset, I just want to be a good mom, but after this... Ahh, I wanted to just spank her and make her put the damn diaper on and stop crying and go to bed dammit! AHHHH!!! I have such a hard time managing my hanger and frustration with her. I know she needs love and attention and not to be pushed aside so I can take care of Zen. But, and I know I've said this before, I'd rather nurse and snuggle than get yelled at and hit. ugh. I'm doing the best I can, trying to feed her more home cooked and less packaging and more fruit and less 'snacks'. Oh well, tomorrow is a new day and I know I love her. I love my girl soo much, I want to get stronger in my peace with her. She is amazing and so intelligent and when I treat her right she can be sooo good. Any way, good night. I'll see you tomorrow.


Whats With Today, Today?

Hells yeah, I got a ton of shit done today. Yeah I did!
1. Got Kaya off to school with breakfast in her tummy before she left house, lunch made, teeth brushed, Zen dressed and changed and Isis fed. Score!
2. Went to Mom's to drop off her tomatoes from Lorrie's garden (delish!) and pick up the cookware I needed to make my day super productive.
3. Got home and finished the dishes. That alone is a major accomplishment. I was very proud of that because I just got a new 38 piece set of Snapware (like Tupperware only cooler) that all needed to be washed and put away.
4. I gave Zen a bath. Yay. My little water baby loves his bath days! He was all pissed off, like majorly pissed, and I got him naked and put him in the tub and presto, he was super chill. Got him all cleaned and put him down for his nap. I sooo wish I could have joined him. Early bed time tonight!
5. I made tamales. That's right bitches, TAMALES! AND they were vegan! hells yeah! score 5 for the home team! Vegan potato curry tamales. I soooo made the masa from scratch too. I didn't grind the corn or anything, but I did have to blend it with the Earth Balance for like 3 hours just to get it to the right consistency (no, not really 3 hours, but hella forever). AND guess what? They turned out pretty great. I mistook my cayenne pepper for chile powder and added a whole tablespoon of cayenne to the curry so they were suuuuuper spicy but after some tweaking they came out pretty good! yay.

Now all I have to do before bed is get the diapers into the dryer, fold the laundry and make the bed. Then I can sleep in it! YAY!!!!!


Ballet Class, Fun Times Parenting, and an Awesome Song!

This is Kaya's 3rd ballet class. or fourth...? I'm so crap at keeping track of time. Any way, she is really starting to enjoy it! Melinda is great with the little ones and Kaya already loves her so even though she is the youngest in her class, she is picking it up pretty well! Last week they did rainbow arms and Kaya came home and showed my mom and I over and over again! Soooo cute.

I'm having a hard time with this whole peaceful parenting thing. Being patient with Kaya when she is screaming and throwing her sippy cup at me is quite the daily challenge. I try to get down to her level and talk to her in a quiet, calm voice but--- she punches me. One AP website suggests holding your child while they cry to show them you are there for them. So, I tried that and--- she punched me again. yay. Giving her all the attention she needs is really hard when I really just want to curl up with Zen and nurse and play and snuggle. As much as I love LOVE Kaya, it is easier to love the baby who gazes up at you trying to smile and hold on tho the nipple at the same time! But then Kaya will sing one of her songs and look up at me and say "I love you, Mommy... and I love Daddy... and Zenny... and I love Gramma... and...." etc. lol. I love her!

Song sample. to the tune of frere jaques.
Apple sauce are falling
Apple sauce are falling

To the ground
To the ground

Pick 'em and eating

For you and me
For you and me.

My bad self with Zenny in his carrier, taking Kaya to the playground!


The Finished Frog and Pics of Kaya in the Grapes

Ok so here are the pics of the Frog Binky Strap in all it's glory!
The Frog in use...

The cute little butterfly button on the end was my idea!
 I worked really hard on that stupid frog. The one shown here is Frog Number Four. I didn't even bother posting pics of frog 3, although he was blue... Any way. Once I got the bobbles down, the rest was a snap! OK lie, but it wasn't as hard as it could have been. There are leaves under the frog's but that were hard to do, I did about 7 of those even though I really only needed 3. I had to find the best 3! I'm sorry, I don't know how Susan B. Anderson (if I knew how to create links I'd link her name here to her page [she's rad]) makes pointy knitted leaves, but mine didn't want to point, ever. So I didn't force it. stoopid yarn. I also knitted 4 butterfly leaves, more stoopid yarn. Yay frog!!!

Ok, so just so you know, I'm working on an adorable little hat for the Earth Angel Baby, Melody Sophia. I really hope it can keep her perfect little head warm. And my other work in progress project that I just started is the MoHat for Kaya. Tricky Tricky Tricky... I'll post pics and a story about the damn hat later.... ~bane of my knitting life~

Now onto pictures of Kaya in the grapes. This grape vine was a clipping from my Great Grandparents' home in San Jose. The structure Kaya is playing on is a swing set my dad built for Brian and I when we were kids... like 20 years ago. Yeah hand made stuff that survives a big move and living out doors for 20 years. My dad is hella boss at building things. The kids and I spent our day in my mom's garden, Kaya played and dug in the dirt and Zen sat in his swing in the sun and watched birds and bugs and the trees dancing or got carried around to look at things while I sat in the sun and knit Melody's Hat. or carried Zen around to show him things. This hat will have sun and love and hope and energy knit into it.

I too climbed up that ladder as a small child. Only
when I did it there wasn't a hella big grape vine
all over it...


Zen in his swing...


Circumcision Is Wrong.

I know, I said the same thing as my facebook status but I just can't stop thinking about it. Even though he will not be like his father, we chose to keep Zen intact. He was a healthy, perfect baby boy and we would not put him thru such a horrible thing in his first days. But Joshua died because he was sick and his parents wanted to cut him anyway. The doctors told them that he would be fine, do it sooner rather than later to prevent bleeding they said. Well, the doctor 'nicked' an artery and the poor baby with a heart condition bleed to death. An infant only needs to loose 2.3 ounces of blood to die of blood loss. That isn't very much at all. The doctors are saying that the circ had nothing to do with this baby's death but they also said he was doing as fine as could be considered for his condition. Please stop doing this to our boys.

copy the link below to read his mothers blog



I Do What Is Best For Zen or The Vaccine Question

Breast feeding on demand for two years is absolutely best for my baby. It has everything his growing body needs, it comforts him, he knows I am here for him 100%.

Cloth diapers are absolutely best for my baby. They are clean, easy to use, soft on his bum, chemical free, and I know every single person who has touched them since the last time I washed them.

Co-Sleeping is absolutely best for my baby. He hears my heart beat and knows I am there for him. If he gets hungry we just get closer and he can root his way right to my breast. Co-sleeping absolutely prevents SIDS. If you are drunk or smoking or super tired you could roll over on your baby, good thing I don't drink or smoke and I take naps.

Baby wearing absolutely best for my baby. He doesn't cry when I wear him, which means I don't have to stay up and walk the floor with a sad baby. I know where he is all the time, either on my front or my back. I'm helping his neck and shoulder muscles develop. In fact, he will probably, sit, stand and walk sooner than his bucket baby peers. He might not, but that's up to him. I can nurse in public without nosey jerks noticing and still play with Kaya while holding him.

Keeping my son intact is absolutely best for my baby. I didn't mutilate his genitalia during his first week of life. Isn't that the best reason not to anything?

There are conclusive studies on how all these things are the best things you can do for any infant but there are studies on both sides of the vaccine debate that are right-ish. The thing is, if I read only anti-vac studies there is enough information there for me to say ABSOLUTELY FRIGGIN NOT! But if I read only pro-vac studies there is enough for me to say HELLS YES!!! This is something I just don't know how to solve. I can shave my head, knit a frog, and nurse my son all in the same day, but I just can't decided if I should vaccinate him or not...