Ha! A Happy Post!

So after a few days of really horrible, emotional, tense interactions with KaBean, today we had a good day. It wasn't like amazing or anything but we got along really well. The Man Child and I had a really nice long nap while Bean was at 'skew' and he had another great bath time afterwards. Picking K Bean up was a little tricky, she didn't want to leave. It took us a good 20 minutes to get out of there but once we did she was all right. We got home and made dinner and played and it was great! She woke up in the best mood this morning. All kisses and love. yay.
I was able to stay away from my computer for most of the day, there were a few slips but for the most part I was able to keep my full attention on my kids today. yay.
Better luck tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

You're a wonderful mother. I know this because you are a beautiful and amazing friend! Lucky Kaya and Zen!