One Woman's Gathering.

I had the most amazing walk this afternoon. A dear friend took the kids to the movies and I walked the ocean. I parked at my favorite trail head and walked to Virgin Creek to watch the surfers. Mariee Sioux in one ear and the bird song and gentle pounding of Mama Ocean in the other. I sat and listened to her voice for a long while, her music speaks to my soul in such a deep feeling way. I took out the music and listens to ocean and sent my roots deep down into Mama Earth and my branches and leaves as far up into The Sky as they could go. We exist in the middle place between Sky and Earth, a sacred place. I could hear it singing to my heart. I kept listening in one ear to Mariee and one ear to the ocean and walked back along the wave line, my feet soaking in the waves, my skirt tied and untying in each new surge. I walked back to my car bare foot and felt the Earth under me. Getting back into my car and finishing my errands has been like floating. I had just been dancing in the waves and woods and now I'm in Safeway dealing with banking shit. 

It is such an amazing blessing to live in this amazing, beautiful, sacred place. I am honored to call this place my home. 



She helped my mom put together this glorious arrangement of spring flowers all found in the area around our home. 

And some flowers are for the forest. We were recently blessed with over an inch of rain! So many wild flowers burst open to the sun light! I simply love this place. This year, I will learn more about the plants we grow in our garden and in this beautiful patch of forest. 


A walk thru the yarden

The first trillium came up today. 

New sage buds are out. 

The chocolate mint from Amy is coming back nicely. I'm almost out of the last batch I dried in the winter time. 

Crazy amounts of lemon balm along the walk way. But it's being eaten by something...?

Our garden is doing amazing things. 

"Captain Hook!"


Pictures from this week, and 3 lessons

When one finds oneself without a car and places to go, one walks. 
When ones hose gets a hole in it, one might water 2 beds. 
When one weaves ones web below the flowering plum tree, one catches petals, not flies.