i'm still here

at the house with the world's slowest internet... still taking pics, will post when i go home. love you


I've been house sitting for my parents and they have the world's worst internet. It may as well be dial-up. Since being out here is a lot more fun than being at home, there hasn't been much working out. yay. I did about 60 jumping jacks yesterday, and 4 this morning, but that's about all. There has been a ton of exploring in the rainy forest and lots of wet yard work. Getting all the sheet mulch spread out in the orchard in the rain is actually kind of nice. It gives me a taste of what it is like to have my family in a house with a yard and garden and orchard and dogs that all need to be taken care of. I imagine myself doing the morning rounds, letting out my dream chickens and dream goats, checking the garden, feeding my brood. Right now is movie time, I have laundry to fold. But I just love the kids sitting in their big chairs with their blankies and the Man Child with his Monkey. So, I'm going to fold laundry and watch bug's life with my babies. because this is what rainy days are truly for.

ps- I love you.


Day 16

It doesn't take much to fall back in love with knitting.

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Days 14 and 15

At the Chamberlain Creek water trickle. Super beautiful walk.

The sky at the sand dunes today. We live in the world's most beautiful place.

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Day 13

Nap time spinning. oh it has been too long...

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Day 11, or Clean Porch

There are no befores, just imagine this same porch covered in bags of stuff for goodwill, bags of recycling, a stroller and other random crap, all covered in a layer of dead rose bush stuff... Ok, it wasn't that bad but it would have been soon if I hadn't been inspired to clean it.

ps- The BEST possible thing you can do to your cloth diapers is to hang them in the sun. Even if they won't dry because it is cold and damp, as long as they are wet and in the sun they are being cleaned. We're talking smell- gone, germs- gone, diaper rash- gone. and it is super free. Well, I guess it cost me as much as the rack I use... The one in these picks was like a bajillion dollars new, lame. and the thing I use to dry my covers is just the side of my old drop side crib. works.
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Day 10

Driving the mini van
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Day 9

Ok... So I missed a day. My bad. Had a kind of slumpy 2 days. But I think I feel better now. Got my spinning wheel back up and running so I think after I put the kids to bed and do the dishes i'll spin!

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Day 7

Saw this taped to a wall on our to the bank to get rent money. Made me feel good.

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1 Week of "Fitness" and 6 Days of Photos

Well, first off it feels as though I've gained weight. awesome. but whatevs, the kids like doing the jumping jacks. So one of the things on the little work out plan I've been using is that you cannot move onto the next day till you've mastered the first. So, I'll be repeating today's new set tomorrow. poop. Now that the sets are now longer just jumping jacks and crunches, I'm starting to remember why I hate working out this way. But as for now, I'ma stick with it and see what happens. By the way, here is the link to my fit log.

There have, however, been many outdoor activities this past week. We went to the dunes, and the MacKerricker board walk and the Caspar Headlands. Just getting out doors with the kids helps me feel more active and eager to get in shape. Doing jumping jacks in the morning helps motivate me because if I'm going to bouncing around like these girls need harnessing! lol. And then it sort of snowballs... if I'm already wearing a bra, I might as well put jeans on, and since I'm dressed we may as well go somewhere and if we're going somewhere we should probably walk... It's the little things...

I saw this cool little link and thought it had a nice idea to help live more aware of what is going on around you by taking 1 picture a day for 30 days. I decided to share mine so that I wouldn't forget. So far, it has been interesting. I think at the end of the month I'll put them together and make a story or something.

I'm inspired by this year. This is the year of change and excitement. Don't you feel it?


Day 5


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Day 4 and Healthy Food

This was supposed to be a beautiful pic of red tomatoes, white onion and green cilantro... but hipstogram out what ever was what I took the pic with. Oh well. This year I am trying to eat better, more real food and less food from boxes and this pico de gallo type stuff was a delicious step in the right direction! Here's to a healthful and fit january... (i'll tackle february when it gets here...)

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Day 3

No, they won't all be pictures of my kids.

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Two: "mother...?"
Me: "...?" Omg, why is she calling me mother?
Two: "Mother?"
Me: "Yes, Daughter?"
Two: "What's brother doing."
Me: "Playing with my phone."
Two: "Where's father?"
Me: "Atlanta."
Two: (singing now) "Father. Mother. Sister. Brother. Issssissss!!! Faaaammmmaaaallleeeeeeee!!!"

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2011 was a wasteful year for our family... Water, money, electricity, time... yarn. Food was a big one for us. My family wastes a lot of food. I chalk that up to my lack of any type of cookish skills. And the fact that I have no inner portion control, I would either make too much or not enough. We also eat too many packaged foods, but that is for another post. I am a firm non-believer in "New Years" resolution, but this year, I felt the shift toward a more conscious lifestyle for at least a few months. Starting in early November, I have had grandiose notions of cooking more, saving more, wasting less, working out, starting a container garden, walking the dog, meditating, playing outdoors with the kids more, reading to them more, yelling less... etc. At Solstice, I could feel the will to do these things growing, and a few days later 2012 started. And so, I have started. Started working out every day. Started taking a pic and posting it every day for 30 days. woot. I am going to live this year on purpose. This year is our year. Everything is changing. Everything is being reevaluated. I am so excited to be alive.


Day 2

Two cutting yarn for the Man Child. "He's gonna love these!"
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Day 1 of the 30 Day Photo Challenge

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Night Time Ramble...

I love the idea of falling asleep with the kids, but sometimes that just isn't the plan... I missed out on doing a ton of alone time cleaning and knitting because I fell asleep at 8:30 when I ought to have fought sleep and stayed up. So, because I fell asleep, I missed Two's (who is now 4!) night time pee and she wet her bed. Great. And I'm up, but I can't really do anything because the Man Child is a light sleeper to night, and I can't make this app work.

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Socks and Pattern Adaptation...

I need to stop improvising on patterns... There is this crazy need that comes over me everytime I see a pattern or a yarn I like, "oh, I can do what ever I want to this sweater pattern..." or in this case, socks... I thought if I just added a few stitches, I could make it work... right? well, I added 16 cast on stitches to make it a larger sock, and so far compensating the math for the number of stitches in the heel and the number of rows needed to work the heel and even turn the heel, but now... I can't get the math to add up for the gussets. The pattern says "needle 1- 19, needle 2- 24, needle 3- 19, so my math should work to be 1- 25, 2- 32, 3- 25. but it isn't working!!! i just want to knit a fucking suck. bastard knitting. you always come in so sweet and simple, "oh look at me, i'm a simple sock pattern, you can do it... oh go ahead and add some stitches to me, it'll be easy." because adapting sock patterns is everyone's drug, right?

oh, and it turns out that when a pattern says "s1 p1" the slipped stitch is in fact slipped purl wise. who knew?

edited to add: "HA!!! I fixed it! good thing i know how to count.