Day 2 as a Semi-Single Mom

Sooo... day 2 started off kind of rough. Man-Child woke up at 6 am and wanted to nurse and chat and look at stuff, but I convinced him to at least chill and relax while I rested some more. Then K Bean woke up at 7 but she was easy, I put on UP and she stayed in her bed until it was over. We woke up and had a shower and got the kids in the car and went to my moms where the day got wayyyy better.

We had a rough night though. Poor Bean had a really stuffy nose and a cough all night. Then the poor, ill feeling girl had an accident in the middle of the night. she was sooo sad, I was heart broken. At some point the CD I had on Man leaked and we woke up in a horrible puddle. I think it was a Bum Genius AIO. I found a few disposables in the back of my closet so we'll be in those (at night) until my favorite baby shop in Mendo opens back up on Weds. I got my first FuzziBunz this weekend and I love it!

Well, night 2 has begun and so far Bean hasn't coughed Man is asleep and we're off to a good start.


Day 1 as a Semi-Single Mom

Today was our first day without J Wizzle. I think it went well... considering my grandparents came to town to see the new baby and we spent the whole day at my mom's. I think bed time- tooth brushing, jammies, story time, and Man-Child's diaper changes, meal time, and getting in the car to go somewhere are going to be the hardest thing to adjust to. Plus, she always has to pee when I'm nursing him. Man-Child's active times are still on "fetus time"... when I want to be still, he wants to be awake. great


Knitting and Cloth Diapers

Yay. So, I love to knit, it seams to be my new most favorite thing. I'm working on an awesome cowl for my beloved doula. It is 180 stitches around of cables and lace. I got all the way to row 25 (out of 50)before I realized I had messed up the last 5 rows. And because I'm awesome, I couldn't figure out how to take out only the rows I'd messed up. I mean how do you pick up an SSK or yo? or a double yo!? So sadly, I had to go all the way back to row 10, the last of my cable section... poo. So now I've started again and done about 5 rows. It looks sooo nice, but I still haven't gotten to the rows I'd messed up in the first place. Oh it will be so lovely!

For our first baby we used disposable diapers even though it made me feel a little guilty. For the Man-Child, we have been using cloth! We use tri-folds and little terry cloth diapers with plastic pants. But my new faves are the BumGenius all-in-ones. We use flushable liners so we don't have to rinse the diapers in the potty (yay) and we've been trying to keep up with using reusable wipes with some sort of spray stuff to clean off the poo. So far we really love cloth diapers, I just need to get more!!!


Simultaneous Bed Times!

Tonight represents an amazing occurrence in the history of my household. Both of my babies went to bed together, at the same time! Thanks to my dear friend Chris for the use of his family heirloom cradle, I got Bean and Man to bed right around the same time. Wade-o read Bean a story while I nursed the Man and then when he was calm, I changed his diaper and swaddled him, put him in the cradle and sung them songs until he was out. Like a light. now he is asleep like a baby! YAY!!!

Let's see if we can keep it up when Wade-o goes back to work...

Today was also Man-Child's 2 week check up. His weight up to 9 lb. 2 oz. So big sooo fast! The doc said he is perfectly healthy and growing like a good boy.


2 Kids. Jeeze Louise!

Today was my first outing with both the kids by myself. We went to the Westport hotel for lunch. It went surprisingly well! The Man-Child slept the whole time and K Bean was amazing! She ate all her french toast and I was able to eat my whole breakfast before it got cold.

As well as that may have gone, life on the home front has been hellllaaaa hectic! J Wizzle has been taking care of us really well, but he wont be here much longer and I'm going to have to figure out how to do all the house keeping and take care of 2 kids all on my own. So tonight is my practice run. Wade-o took Bean to my folks house for a bath and cobbler and she came home and went right to bed. So now, it's up to me to get the kitchen clean before I go to bed at a reasonable hour.
Yeah right.


yay!!! Finally!!!

So as of today, my new baby is 2 weeks old. The delivery went really well, better than I could ever have imagined! It took 5 1/2 hours and I only pushed for 15 minutes before he came out. K Bean was there in Daddy's lap for the whole thing! She got a little freaked out for the pushing but Wade-o got her all stoked and excited when they saw his head come out. She likes to say "Mommy was making scary sounds and baby brother was purple!" Having a baby at home is such a different experience than having a baby in the  hospital. When we had Bean, she was born in the hospital and when she came out she went to the doctor then a nurse then another nurse for all the tests and things then to J Wizzle and then , finally, to me. This time, as soon as he came out, he was placed right on my chest where they were able to check his lungs and heart beat and suck the goo out of his mouth and nose. In the hospital they took my baby then surprised me with having to push out the placenta, at home I got to hold for as long as I wanted while we waited for the cord to stop pulsing before any one made me push again. The hospital made me lay on my back to deliver and gave me no real method of controlling my contractions, at home I could walk around or do squats or get in the tub full of warm water. The water was amazing, the warmth and the buoyancy helped relieve the contractions to a point where I felt I could really ride them and I really knew when to push. In the hospital, the nurses and doctors told me when I was or wasn't having a contraction (I was hooked up to all sorts a monitors), they told me when to push and when not to. This time I was truly encouraged to listen to my body and channel my inner goddess and birth this life on my own, in my own way. Don't get me wrong, it still hurt like bitch, but it was an amazing pain. Life giving, life altering. I didn't have to wait for any go ahead, I said I was ready to get out of the water after snuggling him close for a moment and the midwives and my beloved doula helped to dry me and wrap me while Wade-o said hello to his son. They helped me to my bed, only steps away, and got me settled then put his little face to my breast and started nursing. He didn't want it at first but after a second of thinking about it he latched on.

At birth he weighed 7 lbs. 8 oz. and was 21 1/2 inches long. As of Wednesday he had already gained a whole pound! I will call him "The Man-Child" and so far he is living up to it. K Bean has been a great big sister but I think she is starting to get bored with waiting for him to play with her...

The recovery was so simple, I was up and moving about days after his birth rather than weeks as I had been with K Bean. I didn't tear this time and I didn't want any drugs, I felt so powerful and I knew I could do it all by myself. We still spend as much time in bed skin to skin as possible but we have already been to the play ground with Bean and the grocery store twice. Oh and the baby boutique! He loves outings.

So that's it. The Goddess has truly blessed my family and I can't wait to see what comes next.


It Has Begun!

Well, my water has broken and the contractions are starting. They aren't intense or very close together but, hey, it's a start! I had 2 acupuncture treatments, one yesterday and one today. Right before my appointment today, my mucus plug came out and while I was sitting there with the needles all in me I felt a few very teeny contractions start. So on with the process. I'll probably be back as the evening goes on.


YAY!!! Friends!

Yay, Natalie is here! And Jamie is working with Wade-O. So I have two really good friends in my house to entertain me. Still no baby, but we're ready and waiting. I had some major contractions a few nights ago, but they didn't end in any baby coming out. Poo. Hopefully the baby comes soon.

Tomorrow, Natalie and I are going to rearange the bed room and steam clean the carpets, but before that we are going to take a ballet class! YAY! I can't wait. Prego ballet... woo hoo!

Any way, good night.

ps- the baby stole my hearing.