Political Life Rant... or Occupy Wall Street

So, I've been following this movement called Occupy Wall Street for the last few days. If you don't know what I'm talking about read here......
K. did you read it? great, now here is the list of demands, read this too...
K, got it? Good. Read on

It amazes me that so few people see this as potentially the most world changing thing to happen in a long time. Every single thing is the world, everything. like all the things, is effected by the things that happen and get traded on Wall Street. Everything from food to nature to plastic to thoughts to breastfeeding is hurt or made rich by what happens there. Yes I did say breastfeeding. Every mother who has ever been told by a medical professional to use formula should get behind this movement. Every mother who ever felt bullied out of breast feeding by formula ads should be with this movement. This movement's call to end the corporate personhood of people will finally end formula the apparent ease companies seem to have when confronted with, oh i dunno, bug parts in their product. By taking Wall Street out of medicine many doctors will be free to heal people and continue to learn about the human body without the long fingers of the corrupt insurance and pharmaceutical companies in their pockets all the time. I don't think this will lead to total collapse unless it is handled wrong, I do think that with the all the medical and technological advances that have been made this will lead to better health and better quality of life than ever before. We don't need to rework everything, the root system is our financial system and if we fix that, everything else will fall into place.

Occupy Wall Street
Occupy the Hospitals
Occupy La Leche Legue
Occupy the World


this morning started off sucky and is now bleeding into the afternoon. now i think i need some advile. why is it that some days are amazing, enough days in a row go well that you start thinking, "hmmm, i must be on a roll. this is nice." then with no warning things stop going well. it isn't like they become horrible, but that lovely glow the previous days left you with sort of vanishes. it gets sapped out of you slowly. i guess the day just needs that positive energy more than i do.

but at the very same exact time as my energy gets sapped by this day and the children threaten my sanity, the world is a beautiful place. everything is as it should be to reach the next step of human evolution. and the souls that entrusted their physical care to me are, simply put, perfect.


Peaceful Parent and Child Raising Rambles...

I made it a point not to read parenting or birth books. at all. ever. ok, except for the Depak Chopra birth book during my second pregnancy, because Amy said it was great. I never finished it. Turns out, I didn't need to birth my first or my second babies. I didn't want some author presuming to know me or my future offspring. I didn't want to read some "when your child mis behaves in the market you must use your firm voice to explain blah blah blah." Who's to say my kids will misbehave in the market? What is misbehavior anyway? My 3yo has no clearer notion of why you can't cry for new shoes than my 1yo crying for Boobahs Nunu. She does not mean for her sadness to annoy the other people in the shoe store.

When I was a dancer I used to say "I hate Mary. I hate her and I will never take class from her again." Up until a few years ago, I think still hated her. People, like my mom, would tell me that it is not good to hate. My response was "Hate is a natural emotion given to us so that we might use it to avoid people or things that do not serve our life positively." I feel the same way about the sadness and disappointment Little A felt about not getting new shoes. I have yet to hear of a book that embraces childhood feelings as normal healthy things to be explored and respected not shushed and ignored.

Amy and a friend of hers both recommend Hold onto Your Kids as a revolutionary approach to raising kids. So I have decided to read it. I ordered it from Amazon on Friday, so hopefully it will be here soon. I also have heard good things about How To Talk So Your Kids Will Listen etc. and so I ordered that too. There are a few FaceBook pages I go to when I really need guidance with Little A and so far with Little B I have learned to just let him be. He is learning about happiness and hunger and fun and waves and everything all at once and it is amazing. There are no crises with a nursing 1yo. Most of his problems can still be fixed with a boob in the face or a good momma snuggle... or a nap. Little A on the other hand really needs me to listen to her, to mirror her emotions and help her find the root cause behind it.

I have also noticed that as I become more myself, my relationship with A becomes smoother. When I am rested and have had time for meditation or a ritual, Little A is also much calmer and more ready to do what needs to be done. As I find my own feet I see her find hers too because she has a momma who knows where she stands. Our children are reflections of us not our parenting styles. I want my children to reflect me as the perfected one I strive to become, the perfected one that I am and the perfect one I have been since the beginning of time.


Spinspiration Presents Woolly Wednesday?

So I haven't really done any spinning in months. like months and months. I guess it was summer and warm and I didn't want to be in doors surrounded by wool. sweaty right? So last night, I finally sat down with my wheel and 2 half full bobbins of matching (or so i thought... dun dun dun) singles. I thought it would be nice and simple to just ply these together to get back into the spin (ha!) of things. yeah well, not so much. Turns out I had spun one bobbin S and the other Z. yay. sooooo, I decided to ply them any way. awesome. It looks very silly on the niddy noddy, but the plan is to just crochet it into my crazy blanket. It was really nice to sit and treddle for a while, even if I did do it all types of "wrong." lol.

A lot has happened for my little family this summer. We are in a very good space as far as emotions and connection within the family... but we're still broke. yay.
but now my kids want me to play, so I'm off!