Spinspiration Presents Woolly Wednesday?

So I haven't really done any spinning in months. like months and months. I guess it was summer and warm and I didn't want to be in doors surrounded by wool. sweaty right? So last night, I finally sat down with my wheel and 2 half full bobbins of matching (or so i thought... dun dun dun) singles. I thought it would be nice and simple to just ply these together to get back into the spin (ha!) of things. yeah well, not so much. Turns out I had spun one bobbin S and the other Z. yay. sooooo, I decided to ply them any way. awesome. It looks very silly on the niddy noddy, but the plan is to just crochet it into my crazy blanket. It was really nice to sit and treddle for a while, even if I did do it all types of "wrong." lol.

A lot has happened for my little family this summer. We are in a very good space as far as emotions and connection within the family... but we're still broke. yay.
but now my kids want me to play, so I'm off!


Kelly said...

Hi there
I bet your yarn turned out beautfully when plyed! I find I spin less over the summer months too. Outdoor pursuits call louder then but I do keep at it more for the therapeutic aspect - it helps keep me sane if I keep spinning!
Thanks for linking to Woolly Wednesday!
Kelly (spinspiration)

Dawn said...

I think they call it Art Yarn! I'm sure it's lovely and it's always good to experiment, there is no wrong :lol:. Summer is often quieter on the spinning front except for acquiring new fleece.
All best wishes to you all x

A Farmstead Pilgrimage... said...

Although I know the calender tells me it's September, I completely forgot (again) about getting my post up for 'Spinspiration'.

I agree with Kelly and Dawn, I bet the yarn turned out fabulous! It's handcrafted anyhow! (grin)