Knitting Project Run Down... again

Hokay So... I finally finished the uglay pink girl socks for Bean. (OT she needs a more suitable blog name. She was sooo one of those Bean Babies. I know you've seen them, they just look like little beans. But my Baby Bean is growing up and I think that name no longer suits her. So, I will have to find something amazing for her.) Back to the socks They were hideous. I'll see if I can take a picture. The pattern was very plain. Very boring to knit once I figured out, with much help from Annelle and the Nice Lady from Navarro River Knits, how to do the heel. About half way thru the 2nd sock, I got distracted by the spinning. It took me a little motivation by my dear Jodi, but I got the darn sock done by Easter. yay! problem: sock number 2 is waaaayyyy shorter than sock 1. solution: don't do boring patterns.

Also this marks the return of my Knitting Knemesis. I am picking up the pattern that almost defeated me close to a year ago for my aunt's cowl. I really do love this pattern, it was just difficult to do as my first big project. This New cowl has been named The Two Tone Strangler, in honor of my dear aunt Kiely. She's rad, but some one should strangle her, teehee. I am about half way done with the original pattern but I'm thinking of adding an one more repeat of the lace pattern to make it extra fat. Also, I'm doing this in 2 different types and colors of baby alpaca yarn, Cascade Yarns Baby Alpaca Chunky in black and Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca Grande in a purple-y color.  rav notes here.

My spinning has been going pretty slow, but steady. I'll update you on that whole deal this coming woolly wednesday.


Hypocrite, Thats Me!

I'm all about not squishing bugs and preserving the ecosystem and whatnot but really, Big Black Spider don't test me. I will squish you so fast you wont even know you've been reincarnated. You'll just wonder why you woke up as like a donkey or a bear or hell, if you lived your little spider life right you might even end up as a cow in india.

Good thing for you Wade-O is home and he didn't squish your black and brown fuzzy ass.

My man is sooo friggin brave, he took Big Damn Ugly Monster Spider out side while wrapped in his towel because he loves me and wants me to be safe from evil (spiders(.


Hello Again..."

"Hello, do you like my hat?"
"No, I do not like your hat. Goodbye."
"Goodbye, again!"-
                   Go Dog Go by Dr. Suess

"On the far away island of Salamasond, Yerttle the turttle is king of the pond.
A nice little pond it was clean it was neat.
The water was warm, there was plenty to eat."
                   Yurtle the Turtle by Dr. Suess

"Each peach, pear, plum"

lines from stories I remember and love. There are more but I can't think about it right now.


Huz Is Home!!!

Yay! Wade-O is here! AND he is going to be performing locally! AND the kids are gonna go with me to the sound check!

If you are interested, he will be with Dead Prez this Saturday, at Crown Hall in Mendocino. Come by!


O! The Lure of Calming Past Times

So I worked on KaBean's socks for about an hour. Turned the heel, started on the gusset. I'm really proud of my second sock. It looks much more consistent than it's mate, lol.

I just picked up spinning some 100% silk roving (? the fibers are aligned and it has been dyed?) on my drop spindle. I'm trying to draft it very thin and then get some white merino from Helen to ply it with and make little braclets or something for friends and people I love. Any way, right now, I can't decide to spin the beautiful silk by itself or should I get out the wheel and spin the silk together with some beautiful dyed wool, I started some last night and it is sooo beautiful. But it is tricky, trying to draft 2 different fibers at the same time might be waayyy above my skill level.

Or should I go to bed???


Spinspiration Presents Woolly Wednesday

So I recently found this blog called Spinspiration and fell in love! She has some great posts and pics and explanations. Every first wednesday she hosts a great thing called Woolly Wednesday for spinners (what do you even call people who spin- spinners? spinsters? spindle jockies? lol). I hope to be able to keep these dates, I know, this one is late, better late than never yeah?

I would like to thank Farmama for the inspiration to go out and learn how to spin. She is an amazing, resourceful woman. She could prabaly out McGyvor McGyvor!

As a few of you know, I have recently begun my addiction- er, study, of the art of spinning. I bought my first drop spindle about 2 months ago. I was hooked. I met a wonderful woman who loaned me her hand painted Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel.

at my mom's house. see the little sheepies? oh and isis peeking out...

Spinning on it has been amazing! (i know, i still have to put up the videos of me spinning) My first few attempts ended with some less than awesome awsome-ness. But I can't stop. I love the feeling  of the fiber pulling thru my fingers, even when it is being pulled to fast and I have to readjust the tension.

'orange-y, pink-ish with some yellow' single ply and fluffy roving (should i point out it is from a sheep and not a llama?)
purple, orange, pink, blue and pink double ply and single ply. mystery origin.
1 beautiful fluffy soft pink ball of... some sort of rabbit fluff? i picked it up from the holly hobby shop in town.

That's all folks!



i wrote this on a friends wall but i really like it so here it is to share...

i love the rain! yes it can get old, but it is sooo beautiful. and it isn't always full on rain, its like water floating in the air, it covers everything with a fine mist like diamonds, cleans the air. it makes coffee and dark beer worth drinking and soup takes on a new meaning. fun colored rain boots bring back your childhood and puddle jumping takes on a whole new meaning. people who talk about rain like it "sticks you inside till it stops" simply have no imagination.



yeah how great for you. you get to go off and take awesome yoga classes with people who are probably really cool. you get to eat at all our fave spots in LA. i hope you have a good fucking time going to the dispensary and the clubs and the mansions doing what you love to do. don't worry about me tho. in your fucking new clothes you buy every time you leave. guess how long it has been since i was able to buy any new clothes for myself. hmmm? oh yeah, since before the boy was born. i walk around looking like a freak in pants my mom got for me in costco because my definition of shopping now always means 2 kids in tow. always. have you ever tried to try on pants or anything for that matter with one baby strapped to your back and the other trying to crawl under the dressing room partitions. no you have not. because you are too busy not delivering on your promises to provide for us. so i hope your freshly streched hamstrings feel great attached to those big ass feet in brand new shoes. hey, what should i do with 8, yes really, 8 fucking pairs of fucking shoes you bought last time you left home and never wore again? i think i will give them to the ark and the sale of them cam help spay a fucking rabbit or whatever. i don't care about your 'image' this is wasteful. and sick. and i want a new pair of fucking pants or an outfit i can wear out and not feel like a complete freak. so, ass, happy hunting, i hope your next new t shirt strangles you.

Goals for the Next Seven Days

I want to quit watching TV or movies on Netflix. It is getting bad. I watch to much friggin TV.
I hate TV

Brake up with Starbucks. No more. That place is evil and it's making me fat. and broke. fuckers.

my mom says every time i cuss on the internet a fairy dies.

Keep at least one room (this week is the Living Room!) tiddy. ok tidy-ish. ok well, at this point I'll settle for not toxic.

that is it.

Why set goals on a thursday you might ask. Because, most of our life here has nothing to do with the way people count days and weeks and seconds. We live our life in moments. The only reason I even know that today is friday (after I checked lol) is because yesterday was Indian Food day at Harvest and today, well, when we wake up, you know it is 1:30am right now, ok so today is KaBean's ballet class with 'Miss Amalinda." lol. I love the way she says Melinda's name. sometimes it is clear as a bell and sometimes she becomes other things like Linda just Linda. any way, midnight between thursday and friday is a good time to set goals.