Spinspiration Presents Woolly Wednesday

So I recently found this blog called Spinspiration and fell in love! She has some great posts and pics and explanations. Every first wednesday she hosts a great thing called Woolly Wednesday for spinners (what do you even call people who spin- spinners? spinsters? spindle jockies? lol). I hope to be able to keep these dates, I know, this one is late, better late than never yeah?

I would like to thank Farmama for the inspiration to go out and learn how to spin. She is an amazing, resourceful woman. She could prabaly out McGyvor McGyvor!

As a few of you know, I have recently begun my addiction- er, study, of the art of spinning. I bought my first drop spindle about 2 months ago. I was hooked. I met a wonderful woman who loaned me her hand painted Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel.

at my mom's house. see the little sheepies? oh and isis peeking out...

Spinning on it has been amazing! (i know, i still have to put up the videos of me spinning) My first few attempts ended with some less than awesome awsome-ness. But I can't stop. I love the feeling  of the fiber pulling thru my fingers, even when it is being pulled to fast and I have to readjust the tension.

'orange-y, pink-ish with some yellow' single ply and fluffy roving (should i point out it is from a sheep and not a llama?)
purple, orange, pink, blue and pink double ply and single ply. mystery origin.
1 beautiful fluffy soft pink ball of... some sort of rabbit fluff? i picked it up from the holly hobby shop in town.

That's all folks!


Spinspiration said...

Hi there!
How wonderful it is that you have recently started spinning. Your enthusiasm is so wonderful. The wheel with the sheep has so much character! I like to spin with drop spindles too sometimes. Hooray for your spinning!
Thank you for linking up on Woolly Wednesday. So long as the linky is up, even if it is past the Wednesday, links are welcome! It's nice to leave the link up for a while to give everyone a chance to get around to adding their link.

Dawn said...

Hello, thankyou for joining us over on Spinspiration, glad you found us - we're happy for anyone to join us anytime, if you can't make the Wednesday, another day is good.
Addiction made me laugh! It really is, onve your hooked on it, that's it - you'll be seeking out fibres wherever you are.
Your first spinning looks lovely, and I like the sheep on your wheel.
Look forward to you joining us and seeing your spinning journey.
(love your header picture!)
Dawn x

melinda said...

as the proud wearer of a lucky blue bracelet of your handspun blue loveliness, i can say that it is pure love and gorgeousness, and i am so honoured to bear it!