yeah how great for you. you get to go off and take awesome yoga classes with people who are probably really cool. you get to eat at all our fave spots in LA. i hope you have a good fucking time going to the dispensary and the clubs and the mansions doing what you love to do. don't worry about me tho. in your fucking new clothes you buy every time you leave. guess how long it has been since i was able to buy any new clothes for myself. hmmm? oh yeah, since before the boy was born. i walk around looking like a freak in pants my mom got for me in costco because my definition of shopping now always means 2 kids in tow. always. have you ever tried to try on pants or anything for that matter with one baby strapped to your back and the other trying to crawl under the dressing room partitions. no you have not. because you are too busy not delivering on your promises to provide for us. so i hope your freshly streched hamstrings feel great attached to those big ass feet in brand new shoes. hey, what should i do with 8, yes really, 8 fucking pairs of fucking shoes you bought last time you left home and never wore again? i think i will give them to the ark and the sale of them cam help spay a fucking rabbit or whatever. i don't care about your 'image' this is wasteful. and sick. and i want a new pair of fucking pants or an outfit i can wear out and not feel like a complete freak. so, ass, happy hunting, i hope your next new t shirt strangles you.

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Ballerina Baller said...

i still think this is funny... ahhhh, but i do miss him.