Knitting Project Run Down... again

Hokay So... I finally finished the uglay pink girl socks for Bean. (OT she needs a more suitable blog name. She was sooo one of those Bean Babies. I know you've seen them, they just look like little beans. But my Baby Bean is growing up and I think that name no longer suits her. So, I will have to find something amazing for her.) Back to the socks They were hideous. I'll see if I can take a picture. The pattern was very plain. Very boring to knit once I figured out, with much help from Annelle and the Nice Lady from Navarro River Knits, how to do the heel. About half way thru the 2nd sock, I got distracted by the spinning. It took me a little motivation by my dear Jodi, but I got the darn sock done by Easter. yay! problem: sock number 2 is waaaayyyy shorter than sock 1. solution: don't do boring patterns.

Also this marks the return of my Knitting Knemesis. I am picking up the pattern that almost defeated me close to a year ago for my aunt's cowl. I really do love this pattern, it was just difficult to do as my first big project. This New cowl has been named The Two Tone Strangler, in honor of my dear aunt Kiely. She's rad, but some one should strangle her, teehee. I am about half way done with the original pattern but I'm thinking of adding an one more repeat of the lace pattern to make it extra fat. Also, I'm doing this in 2 different types and colors of baby alpaca yarn, Cascade Yarns Baby Alpaca Chunky in black and Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca Grande in a purple-y color.  rav notes here.

My spinning has been going pretty slow, but steady. I'll update you on that whole deal this coming woolly wednesday.

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