Goals for the Next Seven Days

I want to quit watching TV or movies on Netflix. It is getting bad. I watch to much friggin TV.
I hate TV

Brake up with Starbucks. No more. That place is evil and it's making me fat. and broke. fuckers.

my mom says every time i cuss on the internet a fairy dies.

Keep at least one room (this week is the Living Room!) tiddy. ok tidy-ish. ok well, at this point I'll settle for not toxic.

that is it.

Why set goals on a thursday you might ask. Because, most of our life here has nothing to do with the way people count days and weeks and seconds. We live our life in moments. The only reason I even know that today is friday (after I checked lol) is because yesterday was Indian Food day at Harvest and today, well, when we wake up, you know it is 1:30am right now, ok so today is KaBean's ballet class with 'Miss Amalinda." lol. I love the way she says Melinda's name. sometimes it is clear as a bell and sometimes she becomes other things like Linda just Linda. any way, midnight between thursday and friday is a good time to set goals.

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