O! The Lure of Calming Past Times

So I worked on KaBean's socks for about an hour. Turned the heel, started on the gusset. I'm really proud of my second sock. It looks much more consistent than it's mate, lol.

I just picked up spinning some 100% silk roving (? the fibers are aligned and it has been dyed?) on my drop spindle. I'm trying to draft it very thin and then get some white merino from Helen to ply it with and make little braclets or something for friends and people I love. Any way, right now, I can't decide to spin the beautiful silk by itself or should I get out the wheel and spin the silk together with some beautiful dyed wool, I started some last night and it is sooo beautiful. But it is tricky, trying to draft 2 different fibers at the same time might be waayyy above my skill level.

Or should I go to bed???

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