Knitting and Cloth Diapers

Yay. So, I love to knit, it seams to be my new most favorite thing. I'm working on an awesome cowl for my beloved doula. It is 180 stitches around of cables and lace. I got all the way to row 25 (out of 50)before I realized I had messed up the last 5 rows. And because I'm awesome, I couldn't figure out how to take out only the rows I'd messed up. I mean how do you pick up an SSK or yo? or a double yo!? So sadly, I had to go all the way back to row 10, the last of my cable section... poo. So now I've started again and done about 5 rows. It looks sooo nice, but I still haven't gotten to the rows I'd messed up in the first place. Oh it will be so lovely!

For our first baby we used disposable diapers even though it made me feel a little guilty. For the Man-Child, we have been using cloth! We use tri-folds and little terry cloth diapers with plastic pants. But my new faves are the BumGenius all-in-ones. We use flushable liners so we don't have to rinse the diapers in the potty (yay) and we've been trying to keep up with using reusable wipes with some sort of spray stuff to clean off the poo. So far we really love cloth diapers, I just need to get more!!!

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