2 Kids. Jeeze Louise!

Today was my first outing with both the kids by myself. We went to the Westport hotel for lunch. It went surprisingly well! The Man-Child slept the whole time and K Bean was amazing! She ate all her french toast and I was able to eat my whole breakfast before it got cold.

As well as that may have gone, life on the home front has been hellllaaaa hectic! J Wizzle has been taking care of us really well, but he wont be here much longer and I'm going to have to figure out how to do all the house keeping and take care of 2 kids all on my own. So tonight is my practice run. Wade-o took Bean to my folks house for a bath and cobbler and she came home and went right to bed. So now, it's up to me to get the kitchen clean before I go to bed at a reasonable hour.
Yeah right.

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