YAY!!! Friends!

Yay, Natalie is here! And Jamie is working with Wade-O. So I have two really good friends in my house to entertain me. Still no baby, but we're ready and waiting. I had some major contractions a few nights ago, but they didn't end in any baby coming out. Poo. Hopefully the baby comes soon.

Tomorrow, Natalie and I are going to rearange the bed room and steam clean the carpets, but before that we are going to take a ballet class! YAY! I can't wait. Prego ballet... woo hoo!

Any way, good night.

ps- the baby stole my hearing.


bandofrogues said...

Whoah whoah wait -- the baby stole your hearing how? (this is Danny btw)

raintree said...

Wow Kat! You are amazing that you went and took ballet. I am seriously impressed!