Still No Baby

Nope, it is true, there is still no new baby at my house, but that's OK. My dear, dear friend Natalie is coming to stay with us a while to help me finish getting some of the more tedious things done, so hopefully everything will be clean and ready when this little guy is ready to come out.

J Wizzle is home, that makes everything in life waaaayyyy better, though we did get off to a bit of a rough start. Now that he is home and settled in, he is helpful and great and loving. He still gets snappy with me and K Bean if she needs something at night and I declare that I am not about to get my huge ass out of bed. But he gets up and does his best (which is pretty darn great) to take care of her. Today he made breakfast and let me sleep till noon!

We had another appointment with the midwives today, I grew 1 1/2 inches since last Friday! Oh I hope this kid isn't too huge. They said everything looks great and on track so I should just hang in there and wait it out. I'm still going to walk 3 or 4 miles tomorrow, in hopes that that will speed things up a bit. I didn't walk today, I needed to give my legs a rest.

I finished the yellow hat I started about a week, week and a half ago. I did it with the wrong sized needles so it turned out to small for my mom, but looks adorable on K Bean's little head, so she gets it. I also learned how to knit on double pointed needles, which turned out to be way easier than I thought! The ladies at the Mendocino Yarn Shop are sooo great and helpful, they helped answer all of my silly knitting problems, got me the stuff I need, and sent me on my way. So Jodi's hat should be done in no time at all, then I can start something new! yay!

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