Yay! Stuff...

First of all, despite not being able to figure out this grafting thing, I've started a new knitting project. A little beret with cables and twists and I think once again I am in way over my head. But I 12 rows in and over 900 stitches. I know it isn't really that much, but it seems like a lot to me!

So today, after I finish writing, I have a ton of stuff to do. Laundry, laundry, make the bed, clean the kitchen, walk the dog... and the 2 year old, laundry, sort baby bros clothes, make the curtains, hang the belly on the wall... oh and find time for lunch and dinner! It'll be a busy day... I'ma get to it. See ya'll later!!!

Oh just kidding! Last night I got to take K Bean to her first professional dance performance. The Mendocino Music Festival hosted a pretty good company and K Bean did a really good job watching it. We almost had to take her out at one point but she pulled herself together and watched the rest of the show in my lap. I didn't grab a program and I can't remember who the company was or where they were from, lame right? I had a hard time with some of the choreography, it was like someone didn't get it. It could have been the dancers or even the choreographer who didn't understand his own goal but it just seamed unrealized. All of the dancers were amazing but the costumes were stupid and the movement unfulfilled. Oh well. Maybe next time. Now, that's all.

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