Best Part of My Day...

I think my most favorite thing all day has to be the few precious moment when K Bean is still in a good mood before she crashes at bedtime. She is always so adorable then and tonight was no exception. We were sitting on the couch talking about life and she just had sooo much to tell me. We talked about baby brother being born soon and how she would have to be gentle at first because he would be so small, "teeny tiny" as she put it. But she was really just excited to "play wit him." I told her sometimes mommy might be very tired and she would have to spend a lot of time with Grandma or Daddy and she got very excited about that one. We sat and talked about her school and about her puppy, Charlie (one of those large beanie babies that I had when I was a kid). She told me all about the time she stepped on a bear and didn't even hurt her foot! It was really relaxing until I mentioned brushing her teeth, then all hell broke lose! But we got those little teeth clean and sent her off to bed. Where she promptly shed all her clothes and refused to put on the only diaper of her day, the night time diaper. She isn't even 3 yet and already she can go through the day, from school to errands to the sitter to Grandmas, without an accident! I'm sooo proud of her! But when she pees on my fresh made bed at nap time! that is when I tell her she has to sleep on the couch from now on! But naturally, that never happens so she is back in my bed, asleep on a clean blanket waiting for Daddy to come home.

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