Exciting News! and My Baby Girl's Birth Story... or parts of it anyway.

The first thing is way awesome, the second thing kinda sucks and the third thing is K Bean's birth story. I thought I should write it out before it gets all blended up with Baby Brother's.

After weeks of putting it off and watching things get grosser and grosser, I finally cleaned my bathroom. That is my Sunday Room-to-Clean on my new clean house chart. I got it done and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be... OK, yes it was. It was waaayyy gross. But I did it anyhow. The floor, the window, the blinds even! the mirror, sink and toilet, and even the shower! I even reorganized the shelves and brought in a new cart-ish thing to store towels and the like. Yay.
And to day, I finally started the kitchen. This will be a big project because not only are there 3 or 4 days worth of dishes in the sink, to K Bean 'helped' by turning her lunch into 'lotion' then dropping the yogurt covered tray on the floor. So hopefully today, I will finish the dishes, clean the counters and get the floor mopped and shiny. I really want to reorganize the shelves in here too so we'll see how far I get.
Oh, and I gave K Bean a hair cut! She looks sooo darn cute.
Oh, aaannnddd J Dub comes home today! Yay!

In case I haven't said anything about it in the blog so far- this baby moves around a lot. I mean all the time, this fetus is never still. His most active times of day are, of course, nap time and bedtime. And he always plays back when I move hes foot or poke some part of him that is sticking out. Well, yesterday, K and I were playing and she kicked me pretty hard in the upper tummy, where his feet would be. So all day yesterday, I payed close attention to his movements and found that he wasn't moving nearly as much as I thought he should be. When I laid down next to KBean to go to sleep (at 11pm) the little man in my belly wasn't moving at all... so, I called one of my midwives to ask her what she thought I should do. She had me go to the hospital to get a 'Non-Stress Test'. Not very non-stressful. My friends hubby came to sit with K and I sped all 10 blocks to the hospital. My midwife must have called to say was coming because the emergency room door burst open when the night guy (a super super nice dude with a great and reassuring smile) saw me. He sent me right back to the birth wing, which I had nooo idea where it was having never been there before. The nurse was ready for me and I was weighed, pee tested, and hooked up to the machine in like 5 minutes! As soon as she had the heartbeat monitor in place, and I could hear the little thumping, I knew everything was fine. But she had me stay hooked up for 20 minutes, that is how long the test takes, and she checked me every 5. Needless to say, Baby Brother is fine, lots of movement, just a clam kind of day, I guess... The exciting news was that while I was sitting there, I had 2 contractions!... OK, well, I didn't feel them, but still, 2 contractions! He'll be here soon, I just know it!

Now on to K Bean's story... First of all, she was 6 days past her so called 'Due Date' and our Dr. in Georgia had us go to a specialist at the hospital for the same test. Once again, everything was fine. The nurse kept trying to tell me I was contracting, I guess a ton of little ones, but I couldn't feel them. They sent us home and said 'If anything changes come to the hospital right away.' So we went home. J Wizzle and I both figured if I was contracting already then today would be our last day to really get things in order. So we spent the rest of our day cleaning and organizing and making phone calls, all that stuff that gets put off till the last moment anyway. We didn't start getting ready for bed till around midnight. That's when I had my first real contraction. We had a hella busy day and now I was in for a sleepless night of birthing my daughter. Great. We already had the bag and the car seat in the car so J Dub drove us the 26 minutes to the hospital. We had already registered, some pre-reg thing to make check in go faster. The triage nurse took us right away and was pretty cool, she did all the initial checking and poking around and whatever it is that they do and sent us to our room. I labored for 8 hours but have no idea how long I had to push for. At this point it all seems the same. At some point I declared I was done and didn't care what had to happen, just get her out of me!!! I don't remember the Dr. coming in but she was just like my mom, she told me to stop whining and push, that my birth plan said no forceps or things like that and that was how we would it! I told her to reach in and grab the baby by the ears, no tools needed. Isn't that how they do cows? Anyway, after much, much, yelling, the Doctor and J Dub were looking at a little purple monkey and telling me to push one more time, for the placenta. WTF? No one said that shit has to come out separately! Any way they took K Bean to run all those first-day-on-earth tests and she was perfect. The couch in the recovery room was way too short for my poor man and his poor back could only take so much.Since the baby Bean and I were doing fine, nursing and sleeping and peeing and all that, J Dub and I decided we should leave. So we did. We practically had to fight our way out, the hospital didn't want us to go. But we both hate hospitals and were very adamant about leaving so after signing away all types of disclaimers we got to go home...
And she grew, and now shes 2 and amazing and that is how it went. I bet J Dub remembers things differently but between the 2 of us, I think we have it pretty down.

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