Today was a good day. I got a ton of stuff done! K Bean got off to daycare with no problems, she even helped pick up her toys while I packed her lunch. Although as I type this, I realize we forgot to brush her teeth this morning. She did brush them before bed though. While she was at "skew" I walked the dog with my mom on the haul road, went to 2 different places to pay bills, went to the bank, got my baby shower invites and thank yous, and took a nap! All before a healthy lunch at 1:30. Oh and I remembered to take my iron AND prenatal vitamins! (So proud of myself)
Even though I still have 5 weeks left until my EDD, I totally thought I was going into labour this morning when I was walking. I was starting to feel heavy contractions low in my belly and all the way around to my back. I almost panicked because we were pretty far out from where we left our cars and I really thought these were real contractions. When we made it back to the parking lot, I called one of my midwives and asked how to tell the difference between "oh my god, I'm about to have my baby on the beach" and Braxton Hicks contractions. She said it is all in the timing. If you have more than 4 in an hour that indicates that you are indeed going into labour but if it is only 1 or 2, no matter how strong they feel, then it is bx and to just breath "you will be fine." She was right, of coarse, and after sitting in the car for a minute with my dog looking at me funny and my mom already gone off to her first day at work, I was able to get on with my busy day.
I also managed to get a bunch of the junk out of my car and get most of the kitchen cleaned before getting K Bean from daycare. And I did a ton of laundry! yay for me.
She is now asleep beside me, because her crib is full of clean, un-folded laundry and I like the way she smells... and snores.

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