Today I am fighting with my man, long distance. We are about to have our second child together and I have only seen him a total of maybe 2 months thru out this whole pregnancy! A TOTAL of 2 months. I think the longest stretch of time he's been home has bee 3 weeks, every other time we see him it is for a few days, a week at most. I realize he can't make any money or continue his career in the Bragg, I knew this when we chose to move here. But he doesn't seem to be making any progress. Now I'm pissed because instead of trying to complete the credit info for a rental application he went out and did a video for free for one of his homies in LA. WTF mate?!?! Doing this stuff for free for no name artists will get you and your career nowhere and meanwhile your family is up here eating thru the savings and still living in this teeny tiny little duplex! Get your self together and either come home or do what you said you were gonna do! grr.......

here is a video that he made that I really like

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