Home Birth Preparations

I had no idea how much I needed to do to get ready to have my baby at home. When we had K Bean at the hospital all we needed to do was get our bag packed and show up. But to have the baby at home there is a whole list of things I will either need to buy, borrow or find. Today, my midwives dropped off the birth pool and a long list of things that would be needed, like trash bags, clean sheets, a large Tupperware... bendy straws! Why am I going to need bendy straws? WTF? I mean this list is over 30 things long. But, I will have most of it ready, so the day when this little man comes to stay, all will be ready for him. We already sleep with his blanket and his first outfit so our smell is on it. We have the tub and the tub liner. We've cleaned and rearranged the house. I got house plants and flowers and candles... Tomorrow, J Dub and I will prioritize the list and start chiseling it down. Most of his clothes are still at my mom's house, unwashed. But we do have a good 2 day supply of cloth diapers -also unwashed- but at least they are close to being ready to go.

I am really starting to freak out about this whole not-at-the-hospital thing. I like to tell myself that it will all be fine, that the only thing about the hospital is I will be more tempted to want drugs, the only way I will be able to welcome this child the way I, and J Dub, want to is to do it at home. Besides, the Bragg hospital is only 3 minutes from our house and is so low tech that if anything went truly wrong they wouldn't be able to stop it and we'd still have to be air-lifted to Santa Rosa. J Wizzle shows no fear. He says he knows I can do it. I know I can do it too, but it is still hella scary! He is so excited to meet his son. He has a name picked out, which I like, but haven't quite latched onto.

J Dub works so hard so he can be home with his family, but still be off making money. I love him, he is really amazing!

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Natalie said...

All of these things you are thinking are really scarey! (for me) So I understand- sorta. I would love to be there with you and make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. I know you can do it, and James loves you all. He will make things easier and be a wonderful support. And when he is gone I will do my best to come to your rescue and help with all those yucky cooking and cleaning chores :) I dont mine them really!