Back From Camping, On With Life

Yay!!! We had a blast camping up at Standish Hickey State Park. K Bean was soo good, she had a great time swimming in the river and even hiking! We all got really dirty and sunburned and eaten up by those damn pesky mosquitoes! The weather was perfect so we did have to battle all the hordes of jerks coming up from the cities, but the nights never got cold and the days stayed bright and sunny!

Now it is back to real life. Our baby son is due in 3 weeks and we really want a home birth. The only catch is that we still live in the teeny tiny place with no yard. We plan on doing it here but that will require moving all our furniture and re-arranging everything! All the toys have to be sorted through, some into storage, some to Paul Bunyan (our Goodwill), some we will keep in the house for K Bean to play with while we wait. There is so much work to be done and I really want it to be done by Friday morning. That's when the midwives come for a house visit and to drop off the birth tub. I'm beginning to feel the excitement of the new arrival. The nesting thing is really starting to kick in and all I want to do is organize and fold and re-fold all the little boy clothes my family and friends gave me at our baby shower. More on the preparations later, right now I'm going to play with K Bean!

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