So, I've been doing a ton of reading about nursing and co-sleeping and baby wearing and apparently with all that comes the circ. debate.  There is more and more research to suggest that it is an unnecessary cosmetic surgery.  America is really the only place that does it just because! Lame sauce right?  People will say, 'oh it prevents HIV' not true... 'oh, it looks better' bitch, why are you thinking about your sons penis in a sexual way!? I think if more women saw porn with intact wieners that would no longer be a concern! lol. Turns out that keeping the foreskin intact can actually help prevent urinary tract infections in baby boys.  It seems to me that if you were born with it, it might be useful for something... yeah?

Long story short, we have decided not cut off this babies foreskin. YAY!


raintree said...

Good for you! You will find our local pediatrician Dr. Mahon very supportive and even outspoken in favor of your decision. (See! people do read your blog!!!! tee hee!) Love it btw!

Anonymous said...

I am reading you too :) Just thought you should know!
- Nat of MikNats

Jessica said...

Good choice, I am very familiar with uncircumcised penises! (that sounds funny, I swear I'm not a ho!) and I prefer them, not that my preference should have anything to do with your baby's penis.... well this is just getting weirder and weirder. Long story short, I support your decision!