Yay! Preparations!

Things are coming together. We got a bunch of stuff off our really long list... still no bendy straws though! Not to get side tracked but! I will be boycotting the bendy straws until someone tells me why I need them! I had to get a CLEAN garden hose to fill the tub. And a sink- hose attachment... Oh man. Now I just need to keep the house in a constant state of readiness, keep the living room picked up and clean, and keep the dog hair to a minimum. Having J Wizzle at home has been amazing, for both me and K Bean. But as usual he will be leaving again soon, hopefully to be back in time for the birth. I mean, if he misses it, I will have to kill him! LOL.

We still haven't decided what to do with the placenta. We most definitely will NOT be cooking it and eating it. gross. But maybe we will bury it in my mom's yard and plant a tree over it, or something. I mean that is really the only thing I can think of that isn't super gross. Apparently, people dry it out and save it or they eat it or... well I don't know what you would do with something like that but the idea of it getting treated as bio hazard medical waste makes me a little sad. Hey, that is the thing that kept my baby alive in there! It isn't waste! But it is sorta gross...

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