1 Week of "Fitness" and 6 Days of Photos

Well, first off it feels as though I've gained weight. awesome. but whatevs, the kids like doing the jumping jacks. So one of the things on the little work out plan I've been using is that you cannot move onto the next day till you've mastered the first. So, I'll be repeating today's new set tomorrow. poop. Now that the sets are now longer just jumping jacks and crunches, I'm starting to remember why I hate working out this way. But as for now, I'ma stick with it and see what happens. By the way, here is the link to my fit log.

There have, however, been many outdoor activities this past week. We went to the dunes, and the MacKerricker board walk and the Caspar Headlands. Just getting out doors with the kids helps me feel more active and eager to get in shape. Doing jumping jacks in the morning helps motivate me because if I'm going to bouncing around like these girls need harnessing! lol. And then it sort of snowballs... if I'm already wearing a bra, I might as well put jeans on, and since I'm dressed we may as well go somewhere and if we're going somewhere we should probably walk... It's the little things...

I saw this cool little link and thought it had a nice idea to help live more aware of what is going on around you by taking 1 picture a day for 30 days. I decided to share mine so that I wouldn't forget. So far, it has been interesting. I think at the end of the month I'll put them together and make a story or something.

I'm inspired by this year. This is the year of change and excitement. Don't you feel it?

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