Socks and Pattern Adaptation...

I need to stop improvising on patterns... There is this crazy need that comes over me everytime I see a pattern or a yarn I like, "oh, I can do what ever I want to this sweater pattern..." or in this case, socks... I thought if I just added a few stitches, I could make it work... right? well, I added 16 cast on stitches to make it a larger sock, and so far compensating the math for the number of stitches in the heel and the number of rows needed to work the heel and even turn the heel, but now... I can't get the math to add up for the gussets. The pattern says "needle 1- 19, needle 2- 24, needle 3- 19, so my math should work to be 1- 25, 2- 32, 3- 25. but it isn't working!!! i just want to knit a fucking suck. bastard knitting. you always come in so sweet and simple, "oh look at me, i'm a simple sock pattern, you can do it... oh go ahead and add some stitches to me, it'll be easy." because adapting sock patterns is everyone's drug, right?

oh, and it turns out that when a pattern says "s1 p1" the slipped stitch is in fact slipped purl wise. who knew?

edited to add: "HA!!! I fixed it! good thing i know how to count.

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