Day 11, or Clean Porch

There are no befores, just imagine this same porch covered in bags of stuff for goodwill, bags of recycling, a stroller and other random crap, all covered in a layer of dead rose bush stuff... Ok, it wasn't that bad but it would have been soon if I hadn't been inspired to clean it.

ps- The BEST possible thing you can do to your cloth diapers is to hang them in the sun. Even if they won't dry because it is cold and damp, as long as they are wet and in the sun they are being cleaned. We're talking smell- gone, germs- gone, diaper rash- gone. and it is super free. Well, I guess it cost me as much as the rack I use... The one in these picks was like a bajillion dollars new, lame. and the thing I use to dry my covers is just the side of my old drop side crib. works.
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