I've been house sitting for my parents and they have the world's worst internet. It may as well be dial-up. Since being out here is a lot more fun than being at home, there hasn't been much working out. yay. I did about 60 jumping jacks yesterday, and 4 this morning, but that's about all. There has been a ton of exploring in the rainy forest and lots of wet yard work. Getting all the sheet mulch spread out in the orchard in the rain is actually kind of nice. It gives me a taste of what it is like to have my family in a house with a yard and garden and orchard and dogs that all need to be taken care of. I imagine myself doing the morning rounds, letting out my dream chickens and dream goats, checking the garden, feeding my brood. Right now is movie time, I have laundry to fold. But I just love the kids sitting in their big chairs with their blankies and the Man Child with his Monkey. So, I'm going to fold laundry and watch bug's life with my babies. because this is what rainy days are truly for.

ps- I love you.

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