Circumcision Is Wrong.

I know, I said the same thing as my facebook status but I just can't stop thinking about it. Even though he will not be like his father, we chose to keep Zen intact. He was a healthy, perfect baby boy and we would not put him thru such a horrible thing in his first days. But Joshua died because he was sick and his parents wanted to cut him anyway. The doctors told them that he would be fine, do it sooner rather than later to prevent bleeding they said. Well, the doctor 'nicked' an artery and the poor baby with a heart condition bleed to death. An infant only needs to loose 2.3 ounces of blood to die of blood loss. That isn't very much at all. The doctors are saying that the circ had nothing to do with this baby's death but they also said he was doing as fine as could be considered for his condition. Please stop doing this to our boys.

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