Fun Things to Do AFTER Chores

I got a new vegan/gluten free cookbook so as soon as I start some laundry and finish the dishes I can sit down and decide what to make first. I'm worried my daughter might have a wheat intolerance... that would suck because I love pasta, and bread, and cake.... and all that! But she is sorta a lot more important than baked goods. Maybe I'll try a cake or some bread. I may not cook but I do looovvee to bake! All I have to do is finish the sucky things before I go pick K Bean up from daycare. (Which I managed to get her off to on time this morning. And I didn't even forget her lunch or changes of clothes!!!)
Yesterday I did end up doing some laundry (whoo hoo) and dishes so I got to sit down and work on Jodi's hat, it is coming along really well and I can't wait to post some pics.


procrastinating. because i'm awesome.

I should be doing laundry but instead I'm sitting here typing a blog that no one will read.
There is a sink full of dishes that need to be washed, but I don't want to touch them.
The hat I started knitting for Jodi, in December, really wants to be finished.
And even though I think that letting kids watch TV in the middle of the day, K Bean is in the living room watching a movie on Netflix.