I Really Enjoy Reading to Little A

We just picked up a new chapter book yeasterday and we are already 4 chapters into it! The book is called Tumtum & Nutmeg, The Rose Cottage Tales. The thing is, I get soooo bored reading those tedious short learning to read books and A is at the level where the stories need to be understandable for her to enjoy them. When she was a baby and we lived in the South, I read long stories to her all the time. She would lay in her crib or sit in my lap and just listen to my voice. Now she needs a plot she can understand I need something interesting enough to enjoy. We read the (whole series) Chronicles of Narnia when she was in her floppy amoeba new baby state and most recently we read the Secret Garden. She only stuck with the Secret Garden because there are pictures in my copy that she loves. This new book that we just got is perfect so far. The plot is simple yet interesting and she is doing a great job following whats going on. She even asked me to read to her instead of watching a movie during Little B's nap time! Yay reading!!!

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