Family. Closer Every Time.

I'm lying in the dark on my new phone, practicing using the swype feature and nursing Little B. Tricky tricky.

I have really been thinking about the way my Little family interacts with the Universe. And the way we e exist as a unit. With the Huz home we have had a way more coherent group. There have been moments of rest and quiet that I never really have gotten to experience before. Having two parents really makes going out in the world easier, no matter what the activity might be. As a family we have been able to do so much more this past two weeks. Trips to the beach, lots of playtime with family and friends, shopping and even some sacred mommy-daughter time.

Little A and I have had few moments together since Little B was born. With Huz home, A and I have gone to the bakery, the market, a walk and for ice cream. Having that time together has really gone a good way toward strengthening my relationship with my daughter. It is amazing how big a difference having Huz here has made. Now he is getting ready to leave again, but I really look forward to watching our family dynamic grow and change and mature.

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