Choice, Part 2

There comes a time in few women's lives where she is faced with a choice she already made. I am currently facing the same choice I made several years ago, should I follow him? Well, last time I made this choice, I said "I will follow you to the ends of the earth and back, or maybe just Atlanta..." And it turned out to be a great choice! I have the most beautiful 4 year old in the world because I went to Atlanta with the man I love. So now I must ask myself again, "Do I follow him?" Do we go to LA to struggle together- as he calls it? Do we stay here and go thru all this broke ass shit apart? The kids need their Dad, I need my man. But oh my god, I hate Los Angeles. Everytime I see my friends kids playing with their dads I get all weepy. I never cry about Huz. Until now... I miss him all the time, the kids are always asking for him, the Man Child said his first sentence and his poppa wasn't there to hear it. (The Moon in the Sky, was his sentence, in case you were wondering.) I am lucky, I get to remake a decision that changed my life. I get to reevaluate the things that led me to this life. And I have decided that I made the right choice then... what will i do now?

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