No Particular Order, with Pictures.

Ok, so it turns out satellite Internet is expensive.

I just got an iPhone 4S which wants to be on wifi all the time. I have nothing to do with that.

There are tons of free knitting apps I'm trying out so I can tell you about the best ones. (But not Knitting Stash, which I guess is only an Android ap. which is super lame). I have nothing to do with that either.

There are also lots of (really lame) yoga apps and some one needs to point out the sucky ones.

There are also things called Instagram and (fucking) Facebook which my new phone seems to love.

And this new Blogger app, testing testing.

The Man of the Worst Homemaker Home is releasing his debut album on iTunes on January 29th and a certain Worst Homemaker had to download the exclusive Wifey Masters.....

Satellite Internet is free after midnight. The goal here is to stay awake for the next 40 minutes so I can post this post.

I may or may not have been collecting twisted willow branches for stangs... You never really know with me.

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