Huz leaves a lot. He is always on the way somewhere. Tonight he is on the way to Brazil to work with some Australian footballer, 60 minutes and Rohan Marley. I don't have any idea what those 3 things have in common. Some times, it is easier than others. Last time he left was the most peaceful good by I can remember... this one, not so much. His flight out got bumped forward because of the Quantas walk out. (good for them i guess, i hope the workers got what they needed to make their jobs better. huz says they already have great service...)So instead of having all day tomorrow to say good by to poppa they basically went to bed seeing him and they will wake up not seeing him. We tried to talk to them about it, but Little B is still so very baby-ish and A is only almost-four so they don't really understand... Although, I think Little A has a much better grasp on what is happening than we give her credit for...

This time is hard for me too. We had sort of a rough time this visit. He was only home for 5 days in between 2 week plus trips. That isn't enough time for the family to come back together and fall back into sync. Last time he was home was almost a whole month and it was amazing. We were really able to connect with each other and reconnect with the kids.

Any way, I wrote this while waiting for his laundry to finish, as soon as it is dry he's out the door.

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