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People say "Occupy Wall Street is anti capitalist. Therefore, they are socialist."
I say "Are those my only two options?" I mean really. I LOVE my stuff. I can't say it enough. I heart the internet. I love having different stuff than other people. My mom loves stuff more than I do, and that is fine. Some people like more, some are satisfied with less. There has to be a middle -ism that accounts for the needs of the community, both local and global, and allows the business (including the owner, CEO, board, employees) to be successful. What I would love to see would be a company, say Starbucks, that gives it's employees a raise when it raises it's prices. If the cost of coffee beans goes up and they have to raise the price, ok, but if the cost of coffee beans goes up and the CEO takes home a record bonus while the baristas have to go out and get a second job... well, that's fucked up. In the future I would like to encourage these bonusees (is that a word? bonus receivers?) to take the money and divide it up amongst the employees. 

People say "Tax the rich MORE!" or "Tax the poor!" or "flat tax everybody!!!!"
I say "Why can't we all be taxed the same?" no, really, i don't get it... why can't every one be taxed the same percentage of income or something? 37% is still 37%...?

People say "american kids are lazy, this movement feels entitled."
I say "maybe, but we also know that manual labor is worth more than what most farms pay and we would love to work... for a wage that we can be proud of." I know tons of people who would LOVE to work on a farm, if that farm paid them enough to put food (much lulz) on their table and pay the bills. People who would be proud to make cars in America, if they made enough to buy one of their made in America cars. Why is that so hard to believe? It shouldn't be so hard for my husband and I to find work doing what we love. I would love to go back to work if the child care options in my community didn't cost me more than half I make as a waitress. I'm not saying that all jobs deserve the same wage or that all workers work the same or anything... There just needs to be more options for good work in this country than nurse, social worker, service, IT...

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sunshineymama said...

How about redistributing the funds. Why do athletes make so much money. Actors and actresses as well.
Maybe we need to think about starting over and start from the ground up...Teachers should be paid more. I know this is an argument that has been made over and over again, but one worth visiting again.