3 Proposals for Occupy Mendocino

1) write some sort of pledge to encourage politicians not to accept large corporate donations. like "I (insert name here) pledge to stand with the people of the USA against corporate greed and privileges by vowing not to accept more than (insert appropriate dollar amount here) from any major, non-local corporation." or something like that.

2) boycott corporations present in our community (safeway cvs starbucks) till we see the employees get a raise that is proportionate to the net profits of said corporation.

3) create a supply line of local vendors, craftsmen, farmers, truckers and the like to keep other major occupations well supplied and supported. let's not distract local media from this global issue by hogging our own little spotlight. let everything we do highlight the importance of this global movement. also, if possible lets raise money for local film, photog, journalist to travel to some of the other occupations and get GA facilitator training and info for our small, revolutionary community.

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