Passing this along: ====ANONYMOUS SPEAKS=====
This protest is NOT about yelling from the rooftops, chanting like drones, or being a nuisance to the world around. For this will only push people further away, and polarize our endeavors. This i...s about "occupying" a space for a cause. This is about bringing awareness by our presence alone - and waiting for that magical moment when heads turn and stares turn into question. Then you can either chose to speak eloquently about our reasoning behind the support of occupywallstreet or chose to remain silent and thus letting your Marker-Board speak for you. Do NOT allow these Hollywood Highly-Dramatized depictions of Protesting make a Mockery of You! We are engineers, architects, lawyers, contractors, officers, veterans, white collar, blue collar - and NOT a menace to society! Please handle the protest accordingly this Oct 6, 2011. Take space, Sit tight, and await for Opportunity -- Opportunity to Speak on behalf of the 99% - Anonymous


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