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Something has happened... maybe it is just the long days of summer. Something has put me off my writing and spinning and knitting and what not. Our house has been cleaner than ever, not as clean as I'd like it, but much cleaner that it normally is, and I play with the kids a lot more. Last July was so eventful... my last month of being pregnant with Little B, camping, dance, my birthday... it all flew by in a whirl. This year seams to just be creeping along. My birthday was sort of blah. I did get the best gift ever though, Lil got me a beautiful book about natural dies. I've been reading it cover to cover, every time I go anywhere I look at the plants growing on the side of the road and wonder if it is a die plant. Speaking of going places, Mom and I took the Littles to see my Grandma and Aunt Colleen. We had a good time. I was able to get new clothes for myself, something I haven't really done in a looonnngggg time. Being a new mom can do that to you. Now I feel more comfortable with my role as mother, and since Little B's amazing birth I've been getting more and more happy and (dare I say eager?) about my days as Mommy.

I feel like our family is still in the same place we were last year... a bit more settled and I don't really want to settle here. I want to travel with my family, RV it around and see people. I want to move to a place with land, where we can have a garden and animals. I have a secret dream of becoming a homesteading family... with a globe trotting Poppa... lol... ahhh I love my huz. 

Well, I don't know when I'll sit down and write again, I've already been awake too long. Maybe soon. I was hoping to get more hits this July than last year, but it doesn't look like that'll happen tho ;)



I've been so bent on rebuilding my home into a place I want to be. A place that is safe and welcoming for my kids and their friends, because Little A actually has friends who want to come over and play. Over the last week or so, I've been taking things out of the cupboards and cabinets, sorting them into 'garage sale' or 'trash/recycle' or keep. I even cleaned out and consolidated the junk drawers (yes, 2 junk drawers) into one  Awesomely Useful Stuff Drawer. I want to improve the quality of our lives and it has taken me a while to see that I don't to be rolling in dough to make that happen. I just need to focus.

I've been making a ton of "List of 100" lists. The theory is that the first 30 are the "Duh" ideas that float around and get in the way of all your subconscious ideas, the next 40 are the less obvious ideas- this is where your brain really starts digging, getting things out to make way for the final 30, the place of idea gold. I still haven't made a list longer than I think 54 ideas but the cool thing is it helps me see what really needs to be done. Just getting the most Duh ideas out of head onto paper makes like a window in my thoughts and I can see thru to the gold. Like cleaning out my junk drawer. And putting the art supplies into the new empty space. and moving the kitchen toys to where the art supplies were. and so on. It feels really good to purge the house, de clutter the space. I've even managed to maintain both the kitchen and the bedroom in a somewhat tidy space for a few days. Trust me people this huge. Having a mostly tidy house is great for the kids to play, I don't have to worry too much about Little B putting things in his mouth and the choking to death while I'm in another room. That would suck. Oh! but you wanna know started all this in the first place?

I found Little B on the dining table. Lets say that again- I found Little B on the dining table. I came back into the kitchen and some how my 10 month old son (he was 10 mos then, now he's 11 mos) had climbed up onto a chair onto the table. He has also tried to get up on the counter because the tapatio must look mighty delicious. or something.

Any way, we are in a great emotional space (although i did just snap at Little A, i just want to finish this darn post) for the first time in months, my pergo hormones are returning to a less sad level and I am spending more time away from the screen and with my kids instead. So now, I'm done. I'm going to go apologize to my little loves for not focusing on them then I'm gonna make some pancakes and enjoy time with my babies.


Tempra Fucking Paint

i don't like the draft function of blogger and i want something more practical than my notebook to jot things down in... isn't that sad? the lap top... all technology really is taking over the way we communicate.  i wonder how long it would take- how many decades? generations?- to forget how to write with a pen...? it has occurred to me just now that A never really seas me write or hold a pen for pleasure.

One of the things I have wanted to do for a while now is really get into multi media journaling. i want to make it into something we can do together while B is napping or playing. i have one started, it was born out of this wish to do more writing with her. there are a few supplies in the kitchen...

let's see
water color paint / brushes
lots and lots of paper
there are fucking goddam crayons all over the darn place
glitter on the mantle
tempera paint... i really dislike tempera fucking paint. (notice the avoidance of the word hate- do that more in daily life. cussing is whatever but saying you hate things is real magic and energy going out into the world sphere and we need more you know love and shit.)
there is fabric and some dyes
wool that needs to be dyed.
oooh! project idea! find native local dye plants. get picture. go find. dye wool! ha! idea!!! 
oh yeah! we also have rubber letter stamps but no ink... hmmm, is there a way i could put the tempera paint into a sponge or something? (notice lack of the word "like" as in "like a sponge or something". another thing to stop doing in real life. you sound 12. knock it off.)