I remember when we first moved in here, just me and my beautiful Little A and Isis, our wonder pup. Bean was just about a year and a half... maybe a little older, but not 2 yet. About as old as Little B, my Man-Child, is now... Now that we are moving out of this sweet little house in town. I have been wanting to move into a bigger house since we found out we were pregnant with Little B. And now, it looks like it is going to happen. At the end of this month, the kids and I are leaving this home. This little yellow duplex with the red door... The space where my son was born. Where my daughter potty trained and learned to talk and eat and exists. This place has been our home for over 2 years and now it is time to go. The next chapter in our lives is getting ready to begin and I am soooo excited. I'm not ready to really talk about the next move, because as far as I can tell, nothing is fully settled... but it sounds exciting...

The kids are playing in the living room with those horrid but wonderful Calico Critters, I am having some alone time... well, internet time... that isn't really alone time. i guess.

So much is going on in our world and I find myself conflicted. I can't decide if I want to fully unplug and ignore the world, or get more involved and learn more about the things that matter to me... I can't decided if caring about this shit on a global scale is worth the stress or if I could learn to live with myself for  ignoring everything and focusing just on my family. oh. if only i lived off the grid in the mountains somewhere...


I totally made dinner from a recipe I found on pintrest. These Taquitos. sorta. i didn't actually have most of the ingredients... ok, so i saw the words chicken, cream cheese, and bake and got excited.

aannndddd, now the screams of siblings now longer entertained by one another begins. peace out.

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