There is a stack of packed boxes in the corner of our living room. Empty walls and shelves are appearing all over the house. The white plastic bags full of things we are donating or selling or giving away are piling up. The laundry is almost caught up... it is amazing, I think I'm down about half on clothes for everyone. lol. The move has inspired the purge bug in me again, it is true. I love sorting thru our stuff and deciding if it is something we need or not. I am parting a dozen diapers, toys I've had since childhood, clothes from when my son was small. But removing these things also puts into perspective the things that are important. I am keeping about as many dipes and toys and baby clothes... all bundled up with my high school and college photo albums tucked inside the steamer trunk that a distant ancestor brought over from Croatia... I get a chance to purge the kitchen stuff. Really evaluate what we use and what we don't. This weekend, everything will go out on our lawn with a sign that says "free or donation." I'll probably put a jar or a sign to the mailbox or a sign that says knock or something... or I'll let people figure it out.

I've been so busy packing, and I've been falling asleep with the kids early every night so I'm falling behind. But I feel my wheel calling me... My beloved teacher Helen is at Death's door. I wish I had been there more for her. So I'm going to spin.

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