Medicated & Motivated Suicide Prevention

A cause close to my heart... You can read the full summary of this project at it's GoFundMe page so instead I'm going to share how it effects my family. 

A few years ago my man's sister killed herself, with anti depression meds just months after the birth of her 5th child, her long awaited only girl. At the time I was pregnant with the ManChild, I don't know how much I blogged about it, it was kind of a big deal. During that time, I saw my life partner, the strongest man I've ever know, break down. He fell apart. We thought his mom was going to follow his sister and we were pregnant with number 2... he was a mess. After the dust settled, he took a step back and really started looking at how this society, with more than enough help from the pharmaceutical industry, perpetuates suicide. With more and more of our young people turning to drugs, legally or illegally obtained, willingly or unwillingly taken, suicide is becoming increasingly common. At this point, the only way he can really get to schools to reach out to the youth is by speaking at schools that still have assembly budgets and those schools are unlikely to be in low income areas. With help from donors and sponsors and maybe even some of the folks who read this silly little blog, we can start building a real curriculum, touring schools that have been thru severe budget cuts, and community centers in areas hit especially hard by the increase in suicides. Any thing you guys can do to help us so that my husband can keep doing what is important to him is incredibly blessed. 

Thank you. 


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