Morning, and a Very Odd Rant.

Well, it wasn't supposed to go that way. Yesterday, I mean. It didn't go the way I had hoped... maybe shark week is starting? fuck. I blame the coffee. Although Huz did go out and spend $600 on an iced coffee for me. I'm hosting knitters pre-thrift-crawl today and I have to find mugs, go to the store for coffee and cream, and tidy up. Actually, the mess* isn't too bad right now, according to my standards*, so really we just need to pic up some stuff and shut some doors. *see blog title. 

KaBean got up about 10 minutes after us, which will be great on my dream farm, but now she's bored and watching My Little Pony. Which is actually not bad. and it's hella punk rock on instagram right now? once upon a time, punks used to be hard core. They made they're own shit out of old black denim and saftey pins. They sewed their own skinny pants with dental floss and wore bondage belts and but flaps, because sewing crotches is harder than pant legs. Brewed beer in the garage. 

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whoFilets said...

Aw, you were so worried and then none of us drank coffee but you :) I think the definition of punk rock has changed. I think the label has been stretched to encompass a lot of things, which is confusing when 1. Most 'genres' just came up with a new label and 2. The original idea was sort of a rebellion against labels?

But I do like the new My Little Pony, and I'd approve of a little girl watching it. I mean, compared to Bratz? MLP is about like, friendship and getting along when you're different and being brave and stuff.