Harry Potter, Knitting (or the major lack thereof), and Moving

It is amazing how I go about my life being so proud of the fact that really, as a family, we don't own much. It's been about 6 months since the last time I packed and I was feeling super stoked that during our time in Vegas we haven't acquired a lot of new stuff. But then the boxes started piling up and the shelves began emptying and the small furniture is being stored in in the "kid room" and I noticed... "there sure are a lot of fucking boxes." Where did all this stuff come from? What even is it? Most of my fiber and fiber related tools and books have been packed in their own boxes so what, exactly is in the rest? Turns out... We have more toys and "home"items than we thought. The ManChild's belly cast takes up almost its own box, and then there are the blankets, the keepsake kid art, the toys... almost one whole box dedicated wholly to the kids play kitchen and accessories. Art Supplies and my scant fabric collection and acrylic paints, glue guns, ribbons, sequins... Turns out we have quite a few very large stuffed animals and special hand made, gifted pillows. When we started packing there was much grand discussion of "trimming down another layer," and "keeping only our favorite/ most meaningful paintings..." It's true that I've come up with a few more donation bags but really, there isn't a big difference from last time. Well, maybe there will be... this photo doesn't contain any clothes or kitchen items, there are still a few boxes of toys and house detritus to be added

Also, since packing and being with the kids thru this move has become forefront in my daily thought, my knitting has fallen behind. I have finished some things, I think I've started some others... There will be pics too, and a run down of my best most yarnish instagram pics soon. and by soon i mean when things start to settle.

True story: I'm slowly falling in love with the whole Harry Potter Movie Version... As a book devotee, I never thought it would happen, but I kind of love it. It's been a Harry Potter-a-thon during the packing. wish me luck

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