It's Sunday.

One week from today, or tomorrow, we will be leaving Las Vegas (oh cheryl...) and heading back to NorCal. I am super grateful that I have parents who welcome us when things don't go the way we were wishing. Huz and I are starting to formulate a Grown-Up plan for our money and credit and where we want to see ourselves in 5 years. I've never really done that. The future is a scary place, I much prefer the Now.

My mother has been gifting me my cell phone for years now, so long that I am grandfathered into, not the awesome unlimited everything plan that AT&T used to have, but the data plan that is so small they no longer sell it. LOL. It's always worked great for me, until last month. Last month, I magically went over it close to twice and this month, in 4 days, I somehow used 3 times my usual amount!!! without having the apps or data even turned on! so, because of this, I am going to try and make friends with my camera again. See if I can get her taking decent pictures to post here. wish me luck!

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