the art of movies

When I say film, I don't mean the long strip that comes in reel, or even necessarily the finished product shot solely on the strip but the art of the movies. Maybe it's because I only shoot on digital and I feel insignificant for having never worked with the original medium but to me the term film encompasses both the new technology and the old. It's the way the finished movie looks, you know? Film, this great visual media is the greatest thing I've come across in a while. It seems to take such a skilled eye to get all the clips to flow along nicely, to get all the frames lined up and matching the music and all that. J. has such a gift for it. I sometimes envy him for his skill and drive. He knows exactly what he wants to do in this life/reality and he knows where he's going. Even when he gets backed up against a wall he stays clam, he knows what to say or if he doesn't he does know how to stay smooth and handle it.

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