What scares me?

So the movie is about a cartoonist wannabe detective who might have solved some huge california serial murder case that was open for years. It was pretty alright. Some of the characters were sorta like "why are you involved?" The reason this is my first post is because I have not written anything yet. You see, I am lonely. And bored. Atlanta is a great place to be for my husband's business but for me... well, it's hard for me to make friends. I'm awkward and I stare and I talk too much or too loud or too little. I'm not attractive but I'm not unattractive, I just sort of am. People are nice to me but sometimes I can't figure out why. Atlanta is a great place to be for my husbands business but for me there's not much. It's like I'm just sorta stuck at the studio and I only ever get out when he needs me to drive him to a gig. Wait- that makes him seem like he makes me stay in. I wish I had reason like that, one that at least makes sense- even fucked up sense. It's more like I'm scared to go out. In this day and age there is no room for fear. Especially nonsensical fear like mine. I don't know where it comes from because I used to be so outgoing. All I want from life is to live it. Somebody, help me find the path out of my shell and into the world!.

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